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Electrical Supplies

Expert Hardware cater for all your electrical supply needs providing tools, sockets, switchers and much more.

We also stock a variety of small household appliances including microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, mixers etc. If we don’t seem to have the item you are looking for don’t hesitate to let us know, we would be happy to source the product for you. Expert Hardware operate a team of skilled, experienced staff ready to assist with any queries you may have and ensure you are leaving our shop with the products you need. 

Visit our store to view our full range of electrical supplies. Our store is easy to navigate with all products clearly displayed and labelled making for a customer-friendly experience.

Expert Hardware

For all your electrical supply needs call Expert Hardware or visit our store. We stock a huge variety of garden supplies sourced from trusted suppliers at competitive prices.

Energy Saving Tips

  • By installing a lagging jacket on your hot water cylinder your hot water will keep warmer for much longer and saves you money on energy costs. The lagging jacket will pay for itself in two to three months. 

  • The ideal temperature for a room is 20 degrees. Just by turning the room thermostat down by 1 degree can reduce house heating energy consumption by 10%.

  • Replace your shower head with an Airjet Energy Saving shower head. This shower head reduces the amount of water used while showering but still gives a normal invigorating shower experience, and can save a typical family of four up to €250 a year of their energy bills.

We recommend the use of LED bulbs as opposed to traditional bulbs in order to reduce your energy consumption.

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